Most Expensive Coffee Machines on the Market

Below is a list of the most expensive and luxurious coffee machines on the market, ranging from $6490 to $15,995. They boast opulent style and complete efficiency, making your at home brew even better than the cafe.

jura coffee machines
Source: Jura

Speederster created by Kees Van Der Westen is a cafe favourite machine. Offering a shot timer, eco-mode for efficiency, two-temperature controlled boilers and coffee boiler capacity. Made from high-grade stainless steel and stunning engine turned body panels. The stainless steel body panels can be coated with a colour of your choice, and in the finish of your choice, whether tat be smooth or textured, and gloss, silk or matte. The Speederster coffee machine will set you back around a cool $15,995.

The 400 Series coffee machines by Gaggenau is a built in design coupled with technology that is smart enough to remember eight specific orders and make near limitless combinations. The automatic, self-cleaning espresso machine allows for professional standard coffee, and with Gaggenau’s “home connect”, the built-in machine will do almost anything. Coming in at around $6,999.

slayer espresso coffee machines
Source: Slayer Espresso

The Espresso Veloce Flat Six, designed by Superveloce is a Porsche inspired coffee machine. With it’s boxer engine inspired stainless steel, titanium and alloy construction, and carbon fibre cam cover, it will set coffee lovers back around $15,690. The espresso veloce flat six is a tribute to the last of the air-cooled flat-six engines that were raced competitively during the period of 1994-1998. The unique machine is one that will up-style any kitchen and provide delicious coffee.

Slayer Single Group from Slayer Espresso has created commercial-grade coffee machines with steam valves and brew actuator combined with a touchscreen interface that assists in flavour profiling and temperature management. The machine has ash wood handles, and actuators and stainless steel finishes that give it a sleek and stylish look. The slayer espresso machine will cost you around $13,500.

Finally, the GIGA 6 designed by Jura is a very impressive coffee machine, with 28 different specialities, all at the press of its 4.3-inch high resolution display. With everything being automated, you can make coffee with a press of a button, or link it up to your smartphone and do it all from another room. The Jura Giga 6 will cost around $6490.

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