Eviation to Have First Flight of Luxury Electric Plane “Alice” Later This Year

Eviation is producing the world’s first electric plane, known as Alice. Alice offers a luxurious ride with comfort unrivalled by planes currently available on the market, with a modern outside and a polished inside. 

Israeli company Eviation has teamed up with American-based but Australian-founded electric motor manufacturer MagniX to produce Alice. A fully electric luxury plane powered by three MagniX Electric Propulsion Units. Alice boasts impressive specifications, especially considering it is a pioneer in the field of electric aircraft, with a range of 814km powered by an 820Kwh battery pack. Alice is perfect for short-haul flights, which make up the majority of flights occurring around the world. Air travel makes up 2.5% of global carbon dioxide emissions; Alice releases no emission during trips and, when released, will be the most environmentally friendly plane on the market. 

The delivery of one of the three MagniX Electric Propulsion Units has been an exciting development for Alice. It anticipates Alice’s first flight later this year; after significant delays caused by the global pandemic, luxury plane enthusiasts are counting down till they can enjoy Alice’s grandeur. The $4-million plane is 17.1 meters long, 3.84 meters high and has an 18.0-meter wingspan. It is constructed from 95% composite material and carries a 3,720kg lithium-ion battery, which is more than half its maximum takeoff weight (6,668kg). 

Alice offers an incomparable experience, even though Alice’s cruise speed is about half that of a regular plane, at 407km/h. Although Alice has a high upfront cost as an electric plane, it has lower maintenance and running costs; this results in a lower price per flight than a fuel-powered plane. That isn’t just good news for owners of Alice; it is good news for luxury travel lovers, which means that Alice will become more competitive with the dominating short-haul methods of travel, such as train and car. When it comes to short-haul trips, flying is a far more luxurious method of travel than a train or car. The innovative design of Alice means that you will be able to travel in style easier and with a greener footprint. 

Alice can carry two crew members and nine passengers. The inside of the plane observes a sophisticated theme of contrasting blue, white and black. Whilst the cabin is illuminated by cool blue-shaded LED strips. The luxurious seat has plenty of legroom, padded armrests and invites you into the luxurious experience of flying in Alice. Since Alice is an electric plane, it has low noise output, which further boosts Alice’s elegance. 

Since Eviation announced Alice in 2019, the luxury travel world has been waiting in anticipation. The delivery of the MagniX unit is the next exciting step towards Alice being in the sky and the reinvention of short-haul luxury travel. Expect to see Alice on the market in 2023.