“Dragon” – The New Six-Deck Mega Yacht

Dragon Yacht Interior
Source: Robb Report

The new 262-foot yacht – “Dragon” – is the biggest vessel Columbus has ever designed. The 80-metre Italian yacht also includes a glass elevator connecting all six decks, a multi-area beach club and an 8 metre swimming pool.

The interior was designed by Francesco Guida Design and incorporates a modern yet elegant pattern. They have used a mix of light and dark oak furniture and mainly light flooring, which amplifies the natural light beaming through the multiple windows. The yacht can accommodate up to twelve people, and an additional nineteen crew staff.

The layout of the rooms are specifically designed to utilise the space provided. The main deck is where the four large guests cabins are situated, plus a VIP suite. These rooms feature a stunning, neutral design and gives enough space and privacy for all guests.

The VIP suite is the most luxurious aspect of the yacht, with 180-degree panoramic views, as well as a lounge space and private office. Additionally, the VIP suite boasts a forward balcony, providing the best bedroom views.

Yacht Beach Club
Source: Robb Report

The glass elevator gives guests the transport to each deck in optimum style. The elevator is a strong feature of the Dragon as it is rare a vessel so large has a glass elevator, making it stand out from other MegaYachts.

The multi-area beach club, which opens up on three sides, is the largest space on the yacht and can be used for various activities. The area is large enough for parties but also intimate enough for group dinners, and is also just a perfect place to relax during the day. To the back of the yacht, the 8-metre pool is located. With a small water fountain that adds character and tranquility.

Not only has the yacht been beautifully designed on the inside, but the exterior design by Hydro Tec is one of the most unique and modern creations.

Dragon Yacht Pool
Source: Robb Report

Moving on from design, the vessel’s power is also extraordinary. Dragon reaches a top speed of 17 knots and has a range of 6,200 nautical miles (roughly the distance from Hawaii to California and back). The vessel includes four fin stabilisers that should keep the ship’s roll at a minimum both during sail and while the vessel is anchored.

The vessel also accommodates two tenders and a helipad – essential for those opulent guests

Dragon is yet to make an international debut after completing sea trials and tests and will do so at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

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