Dior Announces New Rejuvenating Oasis In Dubai

Dubai is a city that consistently captivates the imagination of millions with its grand skyline and a renowned blend of tradition and modernity; Dubai offers a luxurious lifestyle that remains unmatched. It is no surprise that Dior, one of the world’s most magnificent fashion brands, has chosen Dubai as their latest location for the Dior Spa. Nestled on the 29th floor of The Lana, a Dorchester Collection hotel, the spa will offer guests a breathtaking panorama of Dubai’s iconic landmarks, including Business Bay, Marasi Marina, and the towering Burj Khalifa. Opening its doors on April 15, this spa promises an unparalleled well-being experience and is a testament to Dior’s commitment to elegance and exclusivity.

This will be the third Dior spa created by the French fashion house in partnership with the Dorchester Collection, with two other locations in France and Morocco. In honour of Dior’s longstanding relationship with the Dorchester Collection, the hotel developers worked with the renowned French interior design duo Gilles & Boissier to design a spa that reflects the whimsical essence of Dior’s Haute Couture SS19 collection. Spanning an expansive 4,305 square feet, the Dior Spa houses five single treatment rooms and a luxurious double suite. Each cabin is uniquely designed with lush boucle seating, calming neutrals, and the iconic Toile de Jouy motif in navy and white, as well as beige and cream. 

The Dior spa fits seamlessly with the overall design of the Lana hotel. Developed by the renowned Foster + Partners, The Lana showcases a blend of modern architecture with elements of timeless elegance. In addition to the 225 guestrooms, suites and lavish residences, the Lana houses eight diverse restaurants, including Jara by Martin Berasategui and Riviera by Jean Imbert, as well as a speakeasy-style cigar lounge, a garden bar, and a patisserie cafe.

In addition to building a space that radiates luxury and tranquillity, the Dior Spa has developed a menu of world-class treatments for guests to indulge in. The spa’s extensive menu further solidifies its commitment to self-care with a range of rejuvenating experiences, including hydra-facial technology, saunas, Icoone therapy, and nail treatments. The spa’s commitment to innovation is evident with its use of advanced technologies to provide guests with cutting-edge wellness solutions, such as the Icoone Therapy machine, which uses a series of motorised rollers and micro-points to firm and sculpt the body. 

Furthermore, the Dior Spa also offers three exclusive signature treatments. These are the Escale, Dior Stone Therapy, and D-Sculpt, and they have been meticulously crafted to elevate the spa experience to unprecedented heights. Starting with the Escale treatment, guests will experience a unique mixture of friction-based massage techniques with full-body stretching inspired by a Japanese ritual to relax both the body and the mind. Similarly, Dior Stone Therapy also utilises distinct massage practices that see a masseuse strategically place semi-precious stones over the body to direct a person’s energy flow. Finally, D-Sculpt is a cellulite-targeted treatment that applies dry-brushing and the “skin-lift” massaging technique to firm and tone the skin. 

Outside the treatment rooms, guests can continue to bask in the luxury of Dior’s renowned skincare products in the boutique at the spa’s reception. Here, Dior Spa offers the most exquisite Dior Beauty product lines, including Dior Prestige, L’Or de Vie, Rouge Premier, and La Collection Privée Christian Dior, alongside Dior Couture accessories for guests to purchase. The Dior Prestige line, featuring lavish creams, serums, and face lotions, features heavily in the spa’s treatments, ensuring guests can maintain their radiant glow at home.

With its exclusive treatments, state-of-the-art facilities, and breathtaking views, Dior Spa promises an extraordinary experience for those seeking the epitome of pampering. From the spectacular location on the 29th floor to the meticulously curated treatments and the infusion of Dior’s timeless elegance, this spa promises to redefine the standards of luxury and rejuvenation. As Dior continues to expand its spa offerings globally, The Lana stands as a beacon of elegance and sophistication, inviting guests to indulge in a world of unparalleled luxury. With the Lana Hotel set to open its doors by the end of February 2024 and the Dior Spa following later this Spring, these establishments are set to redefine indulgence and well-being in the heart of the Middle East.