Daisy Wild Marc Jacobs: A Refillable Fragrance Inspired by Fearless Free Spirit

Source: Instagram

Marc Jacobs introduces a new Eau De Parfum fragrance that is inspired by an individual’s fearless free spirit. Created and designed by Adriana Medina-Baea, Roxanne Kirkpatrick and Sonia Constant, the fragrance inspires a free spirit as it manifests a person’s youth whilst reuniting with the beauty of nature. 

The beautiful fragrance is freshly developed with a breathtaking scent with the base of Sandalwood & Vetiver des Sables, the heart of the fragrance contains Jasmine & Macadamia accord, along with the top is blended all together with Banana Blossom Accord. 

Daisy Wild Marc Jacobs is Fearless, Feminine and Bold on account of its featured Wildflower Bouquet. The bouquet is a new flower introduced by Marc Jacobs for the cap of the fragrance that harmoniously blends green and pink legendary daisy flowers. The Wildflower Bouquet highlights the captivating essence of nature that embarks a sense of discovery. The beautifully coloured daisy flowers are accompanied by flower stems peeing through inside the bottle with the light green-coloured liquid fragrance that displays the playfulness and new colour story of this new release. The stunning creation of the perfume bottle is completed with a charming perfume box that is decorated with a large border of flowers. 

The Daisy Wild Eau De Parfum fragrances include three different bottle sizes which are 30ml, 50ml and 100ml. Including the different sizes, for the very first time, the new perfume is completely refillable. This means that the fragrance can now be refilled with a 150ml refill format called the ‘Daisy Wild Refill’.

Source: Instagram

The application of Daisy Wild Marc Jacobs can be applied to mainly the pulse points of the chest, neck, wrists and behind the ears. When applying, ensure that the skin isn’t rubbed after spraying the fragrance as it causes breakages through the formula which will wear off quickly. Nevertheless, the fragrance is an Eau De Parfum, meaning that Parfums contain eight to fourteen per cent of perfume oils in comparison to Toilette’s which contain five to nine per cent. Therefore, Eau De Parfum’s are laster longing and have an intenser scent. 

The Daisy Wild Marc Jacobs campaign is photographed by the incredible Nick Newbold, directed by Sam Levy, Art Drector Andrew Lim Clarkson, Styling by Katie Grand, incredible Casting by Anita Bitton, and beautiful Hair and Makeup by James Pecis and Diane Kendal. The campaign immerses you in a vibrant, verdant scenery, as you accompany the ensemble on a journey through the forest. The cast involves a diverse array of emerging talent from various fields and backgrounds. The campaign embodies an authentic celebration of spontaneity and youthfulness, evoking a nostalgic sensation. The main feature serves as an inspiration to rediscover your inner child and re-establish a connection with the beauty of nature. In saying this, the perfume establishes a journey of outdoor experiences and adventure with endless possibilties. Daisy Wild is a inspiration for people to live life to the fulllest and experience enjoyable escapades.