Combine Your Passion for Luxury Cars and Australian Scenery With the Ultimate Driving Tours holiday Experience Package

Experience a luxury driving holiday around Australia with Ultimate Driving Tours.  Born from the idea of motor enthusiast Anthony Moss, he desired to create an experience that like-minded people with a passion for motoring and travel could enjoy together. Groups of friends have the opportunity to travel Australia in a fleet of their supercars, experience the finer things in life and tick items off their bucket list while they’re at it.  Anthony Moss took his 20 years of experience in motor events to design this tarmac rally experience and create the perfect holiday for anyone with love for quality cars. 

In November 2022, motor enthusiasts can enjoy a week-long luxury driving tour of Tasmania for $9000. Individuals can bring their car to cruise down Australian open roads with other like-minded individuals, stay in luxury accommodation and indulge in hatted hotels and vineyards. This Tasmanian driving tour begins at St Kilda beach in Melbourne in the morning, before the drivers take off on the Victorian open roads.  After a drive displaying your car and motor skills through the Yarra, stay at a Lake House in the evening and enjoy dinner at an award-winning restaurant. In the middle of the week, guests will find themselves experiencing the free-flowing tarmac at the Targa High Country tarmac rally, equipped with spectacular views and challenging turns to get the most out of your driving experience.  The following day, a loop of closed road stages is taken, with a twisty run through a valley, repeated in reverse in the afternoon, followed by the Mansfield Street Stage and Street Party in the evening. The fifth day of this week-long experience consists of the most challenging driving yet, with 49 kilometres of tarmac.  However, upon completion of the drive, enjoy a leisurely group afternoon of lunch and wine tasting. Following this, individuals can choose to start the trip back to Melbourne or opt for the chartered helicopters for a scenic flight before a group dinner to conclude the weekend.

If you’ve always wanted to experience the Grand Prix, why not do it in style and make a holiday out of it.  In November 2021, for $18,000, guests can visit Adelaide and Melbourne over a week, stay in opulent hotels and experience fine dining.  Kicking the drive off in Adelaide, individuals can cruise through vineyards in the Barossa Valley before dining at a two-hatted restaurant. On the second day, take your vehicle exploring through the countryside and Tailem Bend Motorsport Precinct. Those on the tour who are passionate about the history of motor vehicles will have the chance to have a private dinner at Bend’s motoring museum, where they can also take a Bend vehicle for a drive if they desire. This deluxe week concludes in Melbourne for the Grand Prix, where guests can stay in a private suite, as well as pay a visit to the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums and Porsche Factory. Following the Grand Prix, the return drive takes you on a coastal route where the stay option is five acres of English style suites coupled with an award-winning dinner. A cruise the next day through national and state parks winds up at Lake House Property, and finally, a journey through the Yarra ranges. 

Whether you have been yearning to take your sports car out for a spin, or Australian nature has been calling your name, experience a drive you will never forget or customize your dream journey with Ultimate Driving Tours.