Chanel’s Skin Care Essential: La Crème Main

Source: Vogue

La Crème Main is designed to soften, nourish and illuminate the skin in just one squeeze. With the creation of its silky formula, the skin care essential absorbs instantly into the skin carrying a gorgeous scent, continuously moisturising and protecting the hands. The collection includes three nourishing skincare essentials. La Crème Main, Le Lift Hand Cream and La Crème Main Texture Riche. The three skincare essentials are the perfect handbag accessory with its beautiful small, shiny pebble-shaped packaging. 

Le Lift La Crème is an antiaging hand cream that conserves and maintains youthful hands. Its formulation merges the potency of botanical alfalfa concentrate, which is gentle on the skin, with the brightening effect of natural licorice extract. Hands are deeply nourished, resulting in perfect restoration. The skin exhibits a smoother, firmer, and more uniform appearance. Le Lift La Crème Main features a nourishing texture that cocoons the skin, imparting a velvety-soft feel for enduring comfort. Its delicate and sophisticated fragrance carries hints of springtime freshness. Non-sticky and swiftly absorbed, it offers exceptional gentleness on the skin, catering to all skin types, even sensitive ones. When applying the moisturiser, the skin is automatically lifted with the hands being smoothed 30% more, replumbed an extra 22% and intensely moisturises as well as nourishes the skin for up to 8 hours. The Le Lift La Crème has a beautiful black, shiny shell. 

Source: Chanel

La Crème Main is the perfect original design that is used in everyone’s daily routine. Recently, Chanel has released a new formula, made with 97% naturally derived ingredients, and it is enriched with a complex of camellia-derived ingredients renowned for their protective and nourishing properties. The skin on the hands is left luminous, silky, and moisturised with a delicate scent. Crafted for convenience during travel, its distinctive and contemporary design fits snugly into the palm of your hand with precision. The benefits include the Nails appearing smooth and the cuticles being softened. In saying this, the hands will be perfectly prepared for a manicure. The results are visible instantly with softness increasing by 51%, Suppleness by 50%, Softer cuticles increase 37% as well as softer nails by 40%. The main camellia-derives ingredient has the benefits of protecting the skin from outside aggressors, nourishing the skin and increasing the natural hyaluronic acid by boosting the hydration of the skin. It appears in the beautifully crafted 

La Crème Main Texture Riche, tailored for ease during travel, its distinctive and modern design effortlessly conforms to the contours of your hand, ensuring a snug fit with precision. From the very first application, the luxurious formula enhances skin hydration, making it perfect for shielding hands against the harsh effects of cold weather. Instantly you can see increases in softness by 82%, nourished-looking cuticals by 74% and smoother nails by 59%. The camellia complex aids in nourishing and protecting the skin. Once repaired, hands regain their softness and suppleness, leaving a lasting sensation of comfort.

This year Chanel has introduced their travel-size essentials to pair with the La Crème Collection such as the Hydra beauty Micro Crème Yeux which illuminates eyes and the Rouge Coco Baume which delivers intense colour to lips.