CHANEL Cruise 2024/2025: A Mediterranean Affair in Marseille

Source: Elle

Step into the world of CHANEL’s Cruise 2024/2025 collection, where the Mediterranean breeze meets the elegance of French haute couture. Hosted at the MAMO, Centre d’art de la Cité Radieuse in Marseille, the iconic fashion house took its guests on a journey into the heart of the Mediterranean to unveil its latest splashy collection.

The runway opened with a spirited twist on the iconic Chanel tweed suit, reimagined in vibrant aniseed green and adorned with the collar of a grey sweatshirt peeking out from underneath. This laid-back ensemble perfectly captures the essence of summer days turning into balmy afternoons. Accompanying this look were ballet flats resembling water shoes, crafted from thick scuba-like material, which is a nod to leisurely seaside strolls.

True to CHANEL’s signature aesthetic, the collection featured holiday-ready two-piece sets as well in a spectrum of hues, from sorbet green to baby pink, exuding a sense of relaxed sophistication. Knitted crochet garments made multiple appearances, too, evoking the carefree spirit of coastal living. Layered over body chains adorned with shells and enamel medallions, these ensembles exuded breezy glamour with a modern twist.

Source: Elle

Designer Virginie Viard drew inspiration from the codes of lifestyle and everyday movement, evoking the sea and wind with playful nods to wetsuits. Swimwear took centre stage, with black and white one-piece suits elegantly tied with signature CHANEL bows and embellished with delicate floral embroideries.

Viard’s attention to detail was evident throughout the collection, with 60s style diving hoods and lovestruck fish and net embroideries adding whimsical charm. Dresses, jackets, and vest tops were adorned with intricate shell and shellfish motifs, further evoking the maritime theme.

Continuing the aquatic adventure, Viard reimagined the classic sweatshirt in fish-printed chiffon and incorporated unexpected details such as kangaroo pockets on hooded sleeveless dresses. Paying homage to Marseille’s rich history, Viard incorporated dainty lace dresses and eclectic jewellery reminiscent of her upbringing in the south of France.

As the day transitions into the evening, the collection offers summer-ready throw overs, from chunky fisherman knits to side-opening dresses, paired effortlessly with terry towelling platform flip flops. Footwear ranged from platform terry cloth flip flops to black patent shoes paired with peacoats, striking a perfect balance between seasonal vibes and timeless elegance.

Embellishments were delicate yet impactful, too, with fine logo belts and colourful beaded pockets adorning wool coats and tweed dresses. Oversized jewellery made a statement, with models draped in globular pearl necklaces and stacked gold charm necklaces, adding a touch of opulence to the maritime-inspired collection.

The show culminated in a series of breezy white styles, exuding CHANEL’s timeless allure with strapless silhouettes and floral appliques. Mini versions of the iconic CHANEL 22 bag even stole the spotlight, alongside mini flap bags in classic tweeds and bold plaids.

In essence, CHANEL’s Cruise 2024/2025 collection captures the essence of Mediterranean chic, blending effortless sophistication with playful charm in a celebration of seaside living.