Chanel 2024 Limited Edition Spring Collection: The Meeting of Light and Depth

Source: Instagram

Chanel releases their Limited Edition beauty collection designed by the fabulous Valentina Li, who is a member of the COMETES COLLECTIVE. The Cometes Collective is a group of individuals who encounter emerging talents that Chanel has identified which assists in creating a new frontier of beauty. The Limited Edition Collection is stimulated by the marine world which created an ocean-inspired collection that every Individual is raving about. This marine theme in particular was extremely close to the heart of Gabrielle Chanel. 

The collection fits the ocean theme beautifully through its iridescent luminous shimmer and subtle shades of azure blue and coral. The collection shines with vibrant shades of blue, displaying a crystalline luminosity reminiscent of the sea, drawing inspiration from elements like pearls, seashells, and the graceful movements of jellyfish. Additionally, hints of oranges and corals echo the vivid hues found in coral reefs. Illuminated by touches of bright colour, the collection invites vibrant, iridescent makeup looks. 

Source: Chanel

The limited edition spring collection includes 12 new gorgeously made products. These include The Exclusive Creations, Les 4 Ombres, Dazzling Lips, Le Vernis and Stylo Yeux Waterproof. The exclusive creations are two unique inventions, usable either independently or combined, to elevate radiance and enrich the complexion with a delicate touch of lively colour. Lumière De Lòcéan embellishes the complexion with shimmering bluish pearlescence that represents the ocean glistening in the sun. Roses Coquillage represents two matte shades that enhance the complexion with bright hues, inspired by vibrant reefs. Les 4 Ombres, featuring an embossed design evocative of rippling water surfaces, the Les 4 Ombres eye palette comes in two colour harmonies inspired by the ocean, Rivage and Coral. The Rivage quad represents luminous, earthy colours that echo the sea’s hue. Coral draws inspiration from the radiance of oceanic flora, casting an illuminating gaze.

Source: Monnibee

Dazzling Lips, elevating your lip colour with the latest shades of Rouge Coco Baume in “Anemone” & “Coralline” and Rouge Allure Laque in “Sea Star” & “Sea Shell”. Ranging from orange coral to brick red, these hues impart a touch of fresh, subtle colour to your lips. Also, a rare Baume essential: Mermaid Glow, which is an exquisite moisturizing highlighting balm designed for use on the face, eyes, and lips.

Le Vernis, for fabulous looking nails in the shades Sun drop and Lagune represent a light coral and metallic blue with a pearl-like shimmer. To top it all off is the most popular, Stylo Yeux Waterproof, Bleu Abysse. This product is a longwear eyeliner and Kohl Pen is a beautiful shade of stunning ocean blue which is resistant to water, oil and humidity.

Whether it’s a radiant cheekbone or a bold splash of colour on the eyelid, The collection encourages us to depart from the simplicity of neutrals and instead view makeup as a canvas for experimentation. The collection aims to ignite our creativity and empower us to express our individuality through cosmetics.