Chandon Garden Spritz- A Sunny, Sparkly Delight

Source: Chandon

Chandon has been crafting superb sparkling wines with a unique twist since its founding in 1959 in Argentina. In 60 years of excellence, the Maison’s pioneering spirit has taken it all over the globe, giving birth to a domain on which the sun never sets. The brand recently released its newest creation, Garden Spritz, the latest drop from its unexpected lands, decked out in an elegant new livery for a brand that has been pioneering for more than 60 years.

Authentic and sophisticated, Chandon Garden Spritz takes an exceptional brut sparkling wine and adds a delectable liqueur with a secret recipe created by the Maison’s winemakers from natural extracts of orange peels, herbs and spices, with no artificial colours or flavours.

Founded in 1959 in the Andean foothills in Argentina, Chandon today crafts exceptional sparkling wines at six wineries across the world: Argentina in 1959, then California and Brazil in 1973, Australia in 1986, China in 2013 and India in 2014. A deep attachment to the earth links these different cultures. The Chandon worldwide community currently spans some 1,389 hectares of vineyards, where 16 winemakers of seven different nationalities oversee the largest sparkling-wine estate in the world.

Source: Chandon

Carrying on the spirit of founder Robert-Jean de Vogüé, onetime President of Moët & Chandon with a passion for travel, discovery and winemaking, the Maison carries on its tradition of innovation with Chandon Garden Spritz. “Too many have closed their shutters. I have opened many windows.” This quote from Robert-Jean de Vogüé continues to inspire the winemakers and growers of the Chandon community. Through their ongoing exchanges, they reinvent collaboration, sharing inspiration and creativity.

The primary ingredient in Chandon Garden Spritz is Chandon Brut sparkling wine produced by the team of winemakers and growers in Mendoza in the Andean foothills of Argentina. The wine is made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Semillon grapes grown at over 1,000 meters. Here, the terroir and climate naturally favour the requisite freshness, ripeness and acidity for this exceptional sparkling wine.

Source: Chandon

The zesty bitterness is obtained through a natural maceration of orange rinds and fresh aromatic herbs and spices. The secret is Valencia oranges variety selected for their unique balance of acidity and sweetness, grown and hand-picked on a pesticide-free family farm in the Entre Rios province, in the north-east of Argentina. The oranges have been studied with the same meticulous precision as the grapes to identify the best time to harvest to obtain the most elegant aromas. The peels are slowly oven-dried and macerated in grape brandy, along with fresh rinds and zests.

The Chandon Garden Spritz bottle features the Maison’s seven-point star, representing its six domains and its founding pioneering spirit, auguring sparkling success for this latest creation. From the gilded logo to the illustrations of oranges on the label, this spritz embodies the grandeur of a domain on which the sun never sets.