Caviar Delicacy

Caviar: The Luxury Delicacy

Caviar is known as one of the most expensive delicacies in the world and this century-old treat has now become a vastly popular Australian delicacy. Modern-day tastebuds are not only evolving but they’re developing a desire to be more selective. The thirst for luxury and the lavish lifestyle of Australians is on the rise, as well as the lust for expensive accessories and the ever-expanding standards.

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A product that is based around a very selective market, there is a high demand for quality products, that no matter the price, tastes as it costs. The best caviar should be less salty, but crisper. If it is too salty it means the product is not fresh, that is a dead giveaway it is not quality fish roe.

It’s the distinctive texture that releases when it is ground between your teeth; that pop that you feel engage on your tongue, the burst of sweet and saltiness, the breath of sea that comes over your tastebuds. The flavours do vary from a variety of fish to fish. No matter the fish, the sweet desire for the buttery texture of the caviar stays the same.

In Australia the list of aquatic edible delights are endless, we are blessed with beautiful fresh produce everywhere whether it be on land or in the ocean. In Yarra Valley in Victoria, in the Rubicon River, is where the premium salmon is found, where the Yarra Valley Caviar is produced. It has been said Australia is producing a ‘new breed of caviar.

By tradition, the product is originally denoted as the roe from the wild sturgeon fish that are found in the Caspian Sea as well as the Black Sea.

The Caspian Sea produces 95% of the world’s caviar, the icy waters allow the production of the purest, finest caviar. There are three different spices of the sturgeon, Beluga, Sevruga and Osstreta. All three fish provide a slight diverse flavour from one another. Sturgeon caviar is classified as the finest and most expensive caviar in the world. The roe produced from the species takes years to develop, the premium quality sturgeon caviar can cost up to $10,000/kg.

Source: David Jones

Caviar has a variety of revenues, for both inside and outside your body. Beauty products such as face creams, sleeping masks, elixirs and skin care varieties infuse the product into their mixtures. La Prairie, a renowned skincare brand, has created a collection that is completely devoted to caviar and its natural benefits for the skin. In the collection, the La Prairie’s Cellular Cream Platinum Rare retails at $1615.00.

The solution is said to reawaken the skin, transform and rejuvenate elasticity in the cells as well as retain a firm, tight youthful feel. The life-infusing nutrients improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The delicacy retains antioxidant properties that help prevent collagen breakdown and protect the skin from harsh UV rays.

Caviar is a delicacy that should be enjoyed properly, around the country where many up and coming restaurants that cater to the caviar connoisseur’s palates. The prestige, award-winning steak restaurant, Prime Steak Restaurant located Martin Place, Sydney, has introduced an extravagance menu of caviar that compliments their infamous steak menu.

The sultry caviar menu includes the exquisite Golden Russian Oscietra Caviar Iranian Beluga Caviar. Prices starting at $195 and ranging to $395 depending on the weight of caviar you indulge in. Fresh and pure, this restaurant experience captivates the true elegance of caviar and its finesse.