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Dive Watches: Essential SCUBA Gear Or Symbol Of Lifestyle

The world’s first water-resistant watch was debuted by Rolex in 1927 with the “Oyster”, however, the modern dive watch didn’t arrive until 1953 when Rolex, Blancpain and Zodiac introduced the Submariner, Fifty Fathoms and Sea Wolf. These timepieces had chunky water-resistant cases, and rotating dive bezels that were used to calculate the amount of time …

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Diamonds Unique

The Most Expensive Diamonds In The World

It’s common knowledge that diamonds are the world’s most prized and expensive gemstones, with the sparkling rocks adorning everything from engagement rings to Jennifer Lopez’ facial exfoliator. You’ve heard of famously extravagant diamonds like the Hope Diamond and Koh-i-Noor. These exquisite blue and colourless diamonds are worth hundreds of millions to billions of dollars apiece. …

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Cuban cigar

Cuban Cigars: A Puff Of Luxury

Cigars have always been a lavish accessory flaunted by celebrities for decades. From the dawn of time cigars have been associated with prestige and luxury. Critically acclaimed celebrities from the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pierce Bronson, Sylvester Stallone and many more, have all been involved or accompanied by the renowned addition that is the Cuban cigar. …

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Trending Sunglasses For 2019

Eyewear has long since been used as the perfect finishing touch for our looks, regardless of the season. Both timeless and indispensable, sunglasses have transitioned from nuisance necessity to our favourite accessory. Fashion has constantly been changing and developing through the years and it’s hard to tell what will come next, what we do know …

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Diamonds And Love Are Forever

There are many things in life that are difficult to navigate or even talk about and death may be the most challenging of all. It is never easy to lose a loved one and finding a way to honour them or keep them with you after their passing is something we all choose to handle …

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