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Business Women Putting Their Best Foot Forward

In today’s society, entrepreneurs and influencers are emerging daily. They are driven and determined, and consistently produce impeccable work. There are numerous household names that have succeeded in the self-made business world. While the debate on equality is ongoing there are some phenomenal Australian business women nailing it in the industry, reinforcing their mark in …

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Coke Cola Debate

Coke Zero Booted For Coke No Sugar – War On Sugar

The soft drink megabrand Coca-Cola announced in June last year that its Coke Zero product would be phased out, and as of September 2018 will no longer be available for purchase in stores. The decision, according to Coca-Cola Australia’s Marketing Director Lucie Austin was underpinned by overwhelming market research that showcased people greatly preferred both …

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The Formula Of A Trade War

Much fire and fury surround the Australian baby formula industry today, with Chinese shoppers clearing the supermarket shelves in hopes of turning around a huge profit reselling into the Asian market; a venture perhaps mirroring their own ‘art of the deal’. Demand is far outstripping supply, and with Australian companies looking to directly export their …

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