Inside Bombardier’s Business Jet

Bombardier’s Global 5500 business jet is the height of innovative design, inside and out. Whether flying or being flown, the aircraft’s cutting-edge features deliver an exceptional onboard experience. The Global 5500 aircraft will delight you wit a stunningly wide cabin, refined interior design, powerful engines and leading-edge wing technology for a heightened flight experience. Bombardier’s …

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Fairmont Hotels – Destination Packages

If you have ever wanted to travel the world and embark on a VIP cocktail experience all via a private jet, this incredible destination package by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts is an option for you. These exclusive $270,000 + private “pub crawls” takes spirits lovers to new heights. Fairmont Hotels and Resorts have partnered with …

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Seabourn Cruises and Private Jet Service

Seabourn is a major luxurious cruise ship company that accommodates guests with above and beyond facilities and services. A new Private Jet service is just one of them, allowing guests to fly privately from ports to the cruise ship. There are multiple cruise ships available for selection depending on which cruise route is desired. Seabourn …

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Global 8000: Industry Leading Private Jet

Private Jets allow for unrivaled freedom to travel the world, and with the new Global 8000 from Bombardier Business Aircraft, the range of this independence just expanded. Bombardier has a rich heritage in this area, manufacturing business jets for over fifty years. Continuing to innovate and develop superior designs over the years, Bombardier’s extensive experience has culminated …

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Luxury Private Jets For Your Pet

Traditionally, when pet owners wish to travel they have to endure the mundane task of arranging for their pet to be looked after by someone else and be forced to leave their beloved behind. That all changes with VistaJet, where pet owners are able to fly with their pets and provide them with the ultimate …

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Uber Air: Commute With Style

From its establishment to today, Uber has always had one aim “tap a button, get a ride”. For seven years Uber has been in Australia, getting people from point A to point B by car, but soon they’re adding another mode of transit to the list: flight. By 2023 they plan on having their aerial …

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flying experience

Unique Flying Experiences To Remember

If you’ve ever wanted to spread your wings and indulge your inner adventurer, Australia offers a plethora of exciting experiences to suit anyone with a love of flying. Whether you’re a thrill seeker or a romantic, these aerial adventures are guaranteed to be a blast. Take a trip to Antarctica Described as ‘the world’s most …

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