Cartier Introduces their Latest Leather Quilted Panthère Graphique De Cartier Chain Bag

Source: Cartier

The leather quilted Panthère Graphique de Cartier is the newest edition to the chain bag collection. The Panthère de Cartier chain bags were officially launched in 2022 towards the beginning of the year with a C-shaped clasp represented in panther form. The C clasp was redesigned into a Panther’s head which was introduced in the later year of 2022 named Panthère GRAPHIQUE De Cartier.

The stylish Panthère de Cartier chain bag collection represents each piece poised to stand out like a piece of jewel. The Panthers Head clasp has gotten a lot of recognition and is a favourite. Easily identifiable as a Cartier signature, the panther head, crafted in partnership with a skilled High Jewellery sculptor, stands out immediately. It is a meticulously designed, architectural masterpiece, embellished with eleven leather inserts on its sleek surfaces, which add dimension and visual interest. This line has been the most recognisable for Cartier, leading Panthère back to 100 years. 

Cartier Panthère was first introduced in 1914 with a gorgeous white diamond and onyx stone wristwatch where the famous wildcat appeared for the first time. Between the years 1922-1935, the Panther was seen to be produced on many different Cartier watches, accessories, cigarette cases and jewellery. The first three-dimensional representation was born in 1948 leading to 2017 when the Panthère de Cartier fine jewellery diamond necklace was introduced. 

Source: Cartier

The latest addition to the collection, the leather quilted Panthère de Graphique Cartier is the brand’s most unique out of the collection due to the distinct patterns in comparison to the plain leather chain bags. This addition is a daring motif as the quilted geometric shapes is inspired by its signature lock. It is beautifully finished with the Panther’s head clasp in black and gold. This creation is one-of-a-kind as it has only been released in this one colour. 

The Maison’s latest leather good is black quilted with calfskin and a golden finish clasp. Similar to the previous bags, there is a golden hot-stamped “Cartier” signature that appears on the inside as well as two interior compartments, one signature with a removable mirror and one flat pocket. There is also one pocket on the back. It is lined with black lambskin and is a hand and cross-body bag. It is designed in a small model with dimensions of 160mm height, 235mm length and 105mm depth and the brand new mini model with dimentions of 140 mm height, 200 mm length and 85 mm depth.

Lily Collins beautifully models the collection with a warm welcome to Paris with the new quilted leather version of Panthère De Cartier. The bag is beautifully hand-crafted and has a new unique design that is recognised across the world.