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Business Women Putting Their Best Foot Forward

In today’s society, entrepreneurs and influencers are emerging daily. They are driven and determined, and consistently produce impeccable work.

There are numerous household names that have succeeded in the self-made business world. While the debate on equality is ongoing there are some phenomenal Australian business women nailing it in the industry, reinforcing their mark in the innovation world.

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Gina Rinehart, Owner and Executive Chairman at Hancock Prospecting Group.

Renowned as one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in history, her stairway to achievements wasn’t easy. Despite incredibly hard challenges along the way, Rinehart has come out on top.

Following in her father’s career tracks after his death, she was determined to let his legacy live on and became one of Australia’s most meticulous and significant entrepreneurs.

Rinehart’s list of triumphs includes being awarded, The CEO Magazine’s Chairman of the year in 2014 and again in 2017, the 2009 Australian Export Heroes Award, and winning the Government Media Mining Awards in 2011.

Rinehart is also labelled number 1 on Australia’s 50 richest people list, according to Forbes.

Rinehart has evolved and grown the company’s interests externally of mining, broadening it to invest in media and livestock.

Rinehart is well recognised for her charitable work in Cambodian orphanages and development promotion for Northern Australia. Her straightforward old fashioned approach to business has proven to be a success, as has her realistic view of accountability.

Gina says, “Work hard, be polite, try to be well presented, and act responsibly at all times”.

Maile Carnegie, Former Managing Director, Google Australia. Digital Banking Executive, ANZ.

In 2018, Carnegie was the highest paid female in her company, higher than her boss, CEO of ANZ, Shayne Elliot. Throughout this year, she earnt an attractive annual figure of over $4 million. Starting her job at the bank in 2016, Carnegie was granted a substantial $3.3 million in deferred fairness for compensation for salary at Google.

Carnegie’s approach to the business was to direct the company to a digital avenue, allowing it to evolve into a more advanced and favoured company, sending them into different ventures and paths. When appointed her role as the executive digital banker she was enthused to work with Shayne as he shared the same views as her.

She quoted, “There is so much passion to change the bank, to really digitally transform the bank. I’m really excited about the vision people like CEO Shayne Elliott have.”

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Ronni Kahn, Founder and CEO, OzHarvest.

Originally from South Africa, arriving in Australia in 1988, Kahn always had a desire for helping others. It was in 2004 when she created the now well-established business, OzHarvest.

OzHarvest is an organisation that collects unwanted food from cafes, restaurants and supermarkets. After collection, the food is distributed to charities throughout the nation, creating 55 million meals a year.

OzHarvest also focuses on raising money in a big business cook-off that involves CEO’s and homeless individuals along with sponsoring education. Kahn won the award for Local Hero of the Year Award in 2010 for her hard work in the community.

Equality in action is the vision Kahn sought after to portray.  Kahn used her selfless mindset to push her through struggles in the road, and OzHarvest is evolving every day because of it. She said her business gives her purpose and that’s the best reward of it all.

Kahn believes, Whether you are a homeless person volunteering or a CEO in charge of a glittering fundraising event, you are equally valuable to the organization.”