Built to Become a Legend: The exclusive Mercedes-AMG ONE

The Mercedes-AMG ONE is the most extraordinary, contemporary, road-legal racing car. With only 275 produced and sold out in the past year, one limited-edition black Mercedes-AMG One hypercar has finally been listed for sale. The car is advertised at the exclusive First Motors exotic car dealership in Dubai and priced at AED 17,900,000 ($7,500,000 AU). 

Source: Drive

This hypercar offers incredible performance on the road for an immaculate driving sensation. The Mercedes-AMG ONE accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometres in less than 3 seconds, 0 to 200 in 7, and 0 to 300 in 15. It even sets an incredible automatically measured maximum speed of 352 kilometres per hour. These great figures are made possible by the driver programmes for the racetrack that were taken from Formula 1. Sporting a Strat 2 programme, the car functions just as in the Formula 1 qualifying, especially with the lowering of the vehicle, tougher chassis tuning, active aerodynamics, and full performance of all its motors.

The Mercedes-AMG ONE can also be expected to deliver a remarkable 1063 hp system performance, thanks to its premium-class E PERFORMANCE plug-in hybrid, 1.6 litre V6 turbo petrol engine, turbocharger with four electric motors, and crankshaft and axle all working together. Moreover, the car is fitted with the Petronas F1 engine builder which when combined with the directly cooled, powerful 800-volt battery exclusively developed by High Performance Powertrains, allows for a high-precision, exceptionally agile, and intensive driving experience whether on the track or the road.

Source: Drive

Aside from that, a super strong, lightweight Formula 1 carbon monocoque construction provides unrestrained power for a formidable driving experience. The Mercedes-AMG ONE’s powerful engine and exceptional gearbox are directly integrated to provide the exact basis for the chassis. Its newly developed, automated 7-speed manual transmission with a 4-disc carbon racing clutch is perfectly matched to this Formula 1 hybrid, too, especially since it can perfectly translate the maximum 11,000 rpm speed of the combustion engine to draw in maximum power at all times. 

Additionally, the car’s sporty, innovative multi-link aluminium chassis that comprises traverse push-rod suspension struts emphasises the Mercedes-AMG ONE’s no-compromise design. This unit’s arrangement sees the obsoletion of an anti-roll bar, and it effectively reduces rolling movements, even during very fast direction changes.

Source: Drive

Finally, the unique sound of the Mercedes-AMG ONE offers a true race feeling. Whether this hypercar is showing off its prowess on the track or on the streets, one can already hear beforehand the sound of true Formula 1 technology approaching. Goosebumps are surely guaranteed for the driver, pedestrians, and fans.

Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer in excellent automotive craftsmanship, and the Mercedes-AMG ONE is a testament to that legacy. And being the first-ever road-legal Formula One car, it’s no surprise that collectors and enthusiasts alike are clamouring to get their hands on one.