Bruno Cucinelli Celebrates 70th Birthday and 45 Years of Luxury Fashion Brand

Bruno Cucinelli celebrated his 70th birthday last weekend and 45 years of his high-end luxurious fashion label. Celebrations took place in Solomeo, Italy, that were intrinsically “Brunello”. In attendance were around 500 friends, colleagues and selected press members to document the exclusive event. The renowned king of cashmere requested that those attending adhere to the dress code comprising of “shades of white, panama, light grey and beige”.

Held in the Cucinelli-constructed amphitheatre, attendees also celebrated 45 years of the fashion house being a prominent player in the industry. Since its launch in 1978, Cucinelli has always been profusely dedicated to creating pieces that emulate wearable harmony. This drive has allowed him to become one of the most standout independent luxury brands in the fashion world.

Source: Robb Report

The main event of the evening was a fashion show or “presentation” as Cucinelli referred to it, featuring an array of supermodels such as Eva Herzigova, Mark Vanderloo, Tyson Beckford and John Pearson. Runway models sported looks from present and past collections in the amphitheatre that Cucinelli has constructed in Solomeo. Other attendees who witnessed effectively Cucinelli’s first-ever show, included Martha Stewart, Patrick Dempsey, Olivia Palermo and Ashley Park.

The designer gave an emotional speech which included an extended gratitude to all those who had influenced his life and career: from his humble upbringing on a farm without electricity, of meeting his wife when they were just teenagers and to the personal philosophy that sustained his rise. Cucinelli’s philosophy derives from classical traditions – he cited Seneca, Dante and Confucius, amongst others – which he attempts to apply to conditions of the contemporary world. This dedication has led Cucinelli to become the exemplar of Made in Italy exquisiteness. The designer ended his speech by making a request of youth – “the champions of mankind, the guardians of creativity”.

Source: Robb Report

“I try to follow a social contract with creation that sustains our relationship with our environment, technology, and each other – these are the great themes that I believe in”, Cucinelli informed Vogue earlier this year.

Following the emotive speech, which Cucinelli confessed he had been working on for three days, a lavish meal was served to guests. The main dish comprised of pasta prepared table side and stirred, for a touch of theatre, by Brunello and Martha Stewart, and completed with Cucinelli’s own olive oil and exquisite Castello di Solomeo wine.

To conclude the evening celebrations, daughter Carolina presented her father with a unique birthday present, a statue of Apollo playing a lyre, alongside an extravagant birthday cake with 70 candles to mark the special milestone.

From the surroundings to the star studded guest list, Cucinelli’s celebrations oozed luxury and extravagance. The undeniably stylish affair was befitting for a man who throughout his life has aimed to create a legacy in the fashion world, while also finding ways to use his influence to make the world a better space.