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When people think of cruises what comes to mind is a massive ocean-liner packed with people in the middle of the ocean for days on end, but the Great Escape Charter Co. is redefining the luxury cruise. This Australian owned and run company specialises in intimate leisure cruises localised around Australia’s immaculate North West. Their cruises around the rural Kimberly region are particularly beautiful, offering guests access to the pristine wilderness of the untouched Australian outback.

With small groups of just fourteen, this is already not your average voyage. Add in an onboard helicopter, personalised group itineraries, and unmatched local knowledge of the region then you have a whole new holiday experience. The Great Escape emphasises celebration and relaxation in everything they do to give you the best vacation possible.

The compact vessels and knowledgeable skippers allow those on board to reach difficult to navigate locations. As you’re manoeuvring up narrow river systems to stunning waterfalls and ancient wilderness, marvel at the magical landscapes to help you reconnect with nature as well as each other. This luxury adventure experience offers you an escape for yourself and each other in this busy world we live in.

Those that work for the company have a passion for the amazing Kimberly landscape that has been fuelling extravagant cruises around the area for over 17 years. With all this intricate knowledge comes a vast variety of activities on the table for each trip. Riders can encounter indigenous aboriginal art sights, mud crabbing, historic walks, swimming in rock pools as well as many other adventures.

Every activity can be tailored to each individual’s fitness levels, from fit adventure seekers to those who want to take life at a more relaxed pace. There are many land-based excursions available with an abundance of guided walks all graded so that you can modify your experience to your comfort levels. With only fourteen guests and six crew on the ship, every person’s needs can be accommodated to with a personal intimate touch.

One of the highlights of every Kimberly cruise is the onboard helicopter. The helicopter and pilot travel with the boat the entire cruise so that any guest can take a spontaneous scenic flight around the area.  The Great Escape Charter Co. is one of only two companies to offer this service, making it a highly exclusive experience.

There are also organised ‘Heli picnics’ where the pilot flies the guests and crew to a remote location such as a waterfall for a beautiful chef-prepared breakfast or lunch. Following this is time to explore the area or kick back and relax before a wonderful barbeque and picturesque flight back to the ship. Similar expeditions to land-locked fishing areas can be organised to exclusive regional locations deep in the Kimberly.

The vessel itself is a custom made 28-metre catamaran built specifically to navigate the Kimberly waterways. It holds 7 alluring bedchambers all complete with queen-sized beds and ensuites. Each room fully air-conditioned, also containing a flat-screen television and a personal fridge.

The boat also hosts both indoor and outdoor living areas so you can make the most of the surrounding landscape. With an expansive lounge and a spa on the foredeck, this cruise is one to remember. For every-day entertainment, the ship also has real-time television, many board games, and real-time television.

For a cruise, unlike any other, the Great Escape Charter Co. offers the finest experience available. Get back in touch with nature and each other in pristine wilderness. This luxury cruise will revitalise, rejuvenate and replenish you, preparing you for your next big adventure.





By McKenzie Downey

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