Bombardier Soars To New Heights With The Global 8000 Luxury Jet

Last year, luxury aircraft manufacturer Bombardier set the aviation world buzzing with anticipation after announcing their latest jet – the Bombardier Global 8000. In a revision of Bombardier’s Global 7500, the industry-dominating predecessor to the new Global 8000 model, the company wanted to improve aspects of speed and range that they could not achieve previously. Set for completion in 2025, this next addition to Bombardier’s aviation dynasty is expected to revolutionise luxury business travel by creating an incomparable passenger experience with a blend of comfort and flight efficiency that has never been seen before. 

Source: Bombardier

Revered as an engineering marvel, the Bombardier Global 8000 is poised to claim the title of the fastest business jet ever conceived. Having completed feats like breaking the sound barrier using a tank of sustainable aviation fuel during its rigorous testing period, it is evident that the Global 8000 will not only launch Bombardier to new heights but mark a ground-breaking advancement in the future of the aviation industry. Unlike its predecessor, the Global 8000 boasts a top speed of Mach 0.94 and an increased range of 300 nautical miles. This is thanks to the innovative improvements made to the aircraft’s engineering software. Using two General Electric Passport Engines, Bombardier was influenced by technology features used in Next Gen Airbuses and Boeings to achieve long-range flights in a shorter timeframe. The company’s engineers have developed a hybrid mechanism to blend the blade and disk into a new 52-inch titanium ‘blisk’, reducing excess weight and vibrations to achieve record-breaking speeds. As a result, the Global 8000 is expected to complete a range of transcontinental trips like Dubai to Houston and London to Perth at unprecedented speeds, giving passengers more time on the ground to enjoy each destination.  

When passengers are in the air, the Global 8000 ensures they will travel at the pinnacle of luxury aviation. With the lowest cabin altitude of any aircraft, Bombardier emphasises their commitment to creating the best long-haul flight experience. Moreover, their state-of-the-art Nuage seating is featured throughout the plane, with zero-gravity positioning designed to cradle the body and alleviate lower back and neck pain. Furthermore, the cutting-edge ‘nice Touch’ cabin management system allows passengers to control a whole host of cabin settings, including adjusting the Soleil cabin lighting from the touch dials on each armrest. A staple of Bombardier planes, Soleil lighting is designed to automatically adjust cabin lighting to affect melatonin levels and reduce jet lag. This system also offers a range of customisable lighting options for passengers to change. This includes 24 natural lighting pre-sets ranging from dawn to dusk; mood lighting tailored to a variety of activities like reading and meditation with a range of coloured filters; and dynamic lighting that mimics the outside light, including subtle movements in the sun and clouds. On top of all this, the Global 8000 includes Ka-band worldwide internet connectivity to allow passengers to stay connected with the fastest internet speeds as they soar over multiple oceans and continents. 

Source: Bombardier

While these furnishings and technology feature throughout the aircraft, Bombardier’s design team has worked to create a floor plan that dissects the space into several distinctive areas. Starting at the Entrance, this area features additions like a private crew suite, an expansive passenger wardrobe, as well as the world’s largest aircraft kitchen with a dual convention and microwave, sink, and chilled storage. Following on from here is the Club Suite and Entertainment Suite, respectively. Both zones feature the above-mentioned Nuage seating and high-definition screens with deluxe l’Opera audio to allow for immersive, seat-centric sound. Finally, the Principal Suite and ensuite round off the aircraft, with both areas including a large amount of storage and wardrobe space. The Principal Suite is also furnished with a full-size bed and another 32-inch screen, while the ensuite includes a stand-up shower and vanity for passengers to achieve the very best sleep onboard. 

In addition to its commitment to passenger experience, Bombardier has used this latest launch to progress its commitment to aviation sustainability. Using the same fuselage as the Global 7500, previous Bombardier customers can experience the new enhanced engineering by retrofitting their current model to achieve the same range and performance as the Global 8000. This lengthens the usability of the Global 7500 by giving it a new lease of life to complete long-haul flights at efficient speeds. 

Before it has even landed on the market, the Bombardier Global 8000 has redefined the world of business aviation by introducing a new era of luxury, performance, and aircraft innovation. From its impressive range and technological advancements to its meticulously designed interior, this aircraft is a testament to Bombardier’s dedication to providing a superior travel experience. Whether for business or leisure, the Global 8000 continues to set new standards for long-range private jet travel, reaffirming its status as a symbol of prestige in the skies.