Barberhood – The Best Barber Shop in Sydney

Meet man’s favourite place to indulge in personal upkeep, Barberhood! They can be found at 5 Martin Place and Wintergarden, 1 O’Connell Street Sydney. Barberhood is an upscale men’s grooming salon and premium barbershop aimed at the discerning gentleman of Sydney’s financial hub.

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They pride themselves on providing supreme service, whether they deliver traditional techniques and styles or a more modern cut and shave. When you’re at Barberhood, you can always stay awhile and opt to try some skincare services, such as a black mask, a facial, or even a scalp revitaliser. They aspire to create a sense of belonging and make every man feel like a true gentleman.  Precision, expertise and pampering are abundant in the shop’s walls as every customer receives a straight-up razor clean up, a spritz of cologne and a scented hot towel. The team at either venue loves listening to each client to understand their needs and tailor an experience exclusively for them.

The shop itself feels like the ultimate man’s cave. The slick black leather seats, wood-panelled interior, white tiles, black cupboards, exposed brick and flawless mirrors create this relaxing haven. They have spared no expense and use products from the lucrative British barbershop Truefitt and Hill, whose shaving sets sell for a cool $500. Located in the city, Barberhood is perfect for a quick work escape or lunchtime clean-up for the handsome men in Sydney’s CBD.

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Luxury Men’s lifestyle magazine GQ named them Australia’s best barbershop and other publications, including Boss Hunting, The Trend Spotter, Dmarge, The Urban List and Business Insider.

CEO and founder of Barberhood, Renee Baltov, opened the store after quitting her marketing job in men’s fashion. She noticed that men had more access to fashion in Europe through social media and became interested and more aware of their appearance. She decided to combine her product knowledge from her parents own barbershop with her men’s fashion knowledge from her recent jobs to start one of the first barbershops in Sydney. Her market research found that men wanted a convenient place somewhere they could relax and a place to belong and connect. From this, Barberhood was born.

Source: Barberhood

Not only a barbershop, but their retail stores also offer luxury men’s skincare, grooming, hair care and shaving products. They also sell a range of deluxe high-end perfumes, colognes and aftershaves from $60 to $369. Their stores, both in-person and online, have a selection of top-end hair, body and shaving products, and luxury goods such as watch boxes and decanter sets.

Do you want to become a barber yourself? The Barberhood also offers premium courses where you can learn to shave with a blade on heads and beards.

If you’re ever walking around the city and need to make yourself look that little bit more dapper, this barbershop does not come more highly recommended.