Award-Winning Superyacht, Artefact

Artefact is one of the most innovative superyachts to have been built in the last couple of years. Its design perfectly blends art and science in an unmatched feat of human design. 

The owners of Artefact, who are currently unknown, worked hand in hand with the designers and Captain Aaron Clark to make a yacht that fits his family’s needs and environmental beliefs. Nobiskrug built the superyacht with exterior design by Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architect and interior design by Reymond Langston Design. 

The owner aimed to create an “artefact” that shows that a human-made object can complement nature and have a minimal environmental impact. Nature is one of the main features in every room onboard Artefact as they have floor-to-ceiling glass windows throughout the ship, including a significant multi-floor wall-to-ceiling central section. In total, there is 750m-squared worth of glass used in Artefact. Not only is glass visually pleasing, but it can also help ease motion sickness, which several family members of the owners suffer from. 

The owners were insistent that Artefact have minimal impact on the environment. Due to that, Artefact is one of the first yachts to meet the International Maritime Organization’s Tier III emissions regulations. It uses a DC-bus diesel-electric Azipod propulsion system; furthermore, it combines the propulsion system with dynamic positioning so that the yacht can hold position without dropping anchor; this protects the seafloor. The propellers have been designed to minimize noise and vibration while being highly efficient for maximum user pleasure. The electric side of the engine is powered by solar panels and a large battery storage system. This system is so good that the yacht motors can operate for short periods without using the combustion engine. 

Whoever the owner of Artefact is, the one thing we know about them is that they love art. The saloon features a stunning reproduction of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss, which was handmade using Su embroidery, which is an ancient form of Chinese embroidery. On the opposite side of the saloon to the Klimt reproduction is an original piece inspired by a famous Chinese painting. Throughout the superyacht, there are silk panels with the silk panels that adorn the owner’s cabin also being made using Su embroidery. 

Other features of Artefact are the owner’s deck which contains a panoramic office and crafts room, and there is a tai chi room with an attached spa room, a cinema room, a beach club and a jacuzzi. 

At the 2021 World Superyacht Awards, Artefact won “Best Motor Yacht of the Year” and “Best Displacement Motor Yacht 1,600Gt-2,999Gt”. It is also the biggest volume 80-meter superyacht in the world. 

Artefact is a beautiful superyacht, and it excels at complementing nature and protecting nature. It is a work of art and is a bold step towards the future of superyachts.