Australia’s most luxurious waterfront restaurant experience: Berowra Waters Inn

Berowra Waters Inn is the most unique version of luxury since its opening in 1984. The restaurant is a tributary of the Hawkesbury River which has been important to the indigenous population for thousands of years. In saying this, the five-star luxurious building has a beautiful waterfront view of the Hawkesbury River with the most exquisite architectural design. Glenn Marcutt, the architect of Berowra Waters Inn designed the building with a more modern and distinctive vernacular Australian style. Set amongst anaphoras and eucalyptus, it has a ridged tin roof over louvre glass windows and a Sydney sandstone base.

The reason being as to why Berowra Waters Inn is uniquely luxurious is because, since 1930, the sandstone pavilion has only been accessible by boat or seaplane. Seaplane Travel being the more grand alternative is a 40-minute flight there and back whilst fine dining in an indulging 6-course degustation lunch sourced from local makers produce, growers and suppliers by the fabulous chef, Brian Geraghty. The restaurant also has a wide selection of 100% Australian wine, spirits and craft beer menu. The flight involves a birds-eye view over the beautiful city including its most popular landmarks such as Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Harbour Bridge and Opera House. The whole package of the flight and restaurant experience is set to $720 per person. Nevertheless, if an individual wants just the dining experience, there is also the ferry option. The complimentary transfer is only five minutes from the wharf to Berowra Waters Inn. Having said that the luxury is just as good as the moment one lands on the building flat bottomed tinnie, a four-hour holiday and fine dining experience begins.

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The brilliant 6-course meal is orchestrated by chef Brian Gerachty who also happens to be the owner when he took over the restaurant in 2012. The culinary journey begins with Karid Prawns and Cauliflower Puree, followed by Rabbit with Cavelo Nero Compote, then Rib of Beef paired with Charred Leek and Soubise Puree. Closing the meal is a Sorbet of Blue Cheese and Red Onion, concluding with Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Beetroot for dessert. Brian Geraghty, the Chef of the Year in 2018, has a remarkable culinary background, having contributed his talents to several of Australia’s top restaurants. His impressive resume includes his work at the three-hatted Quay, the three-hatted Bilson’s and Sean Connolly’s Astral. Brian Geraghty’s journey through these esteemed kitchens underscores his commitment to culinary excellence and innovation, making him an executive sous chef. In 2020, amidst the pandemic, Brian Geraghty, along with his family, temporarily relocated to the restaurant while it was closed, to be closer to home.

Each meal is a breathtaking fine dining experience for one’s taste buds and eyes where Brian experiments with fun tastes, textures and presentation. The restaurant is perfect for events and special occasions like wedding receptions, making it one of the top fine dining restaurant experiences in all of Australia.