Australian Home of the Year Named in Victoria

A luxury courtyard home on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula is awarded the prestigious title of Australian’s Home of the Year 2023.

Merricks Farmhouse was designed by architects Michael Lumby and Nielsen Jenkins. Overlooking Western Port Bay and views over vineyards towards Phillip Island, the home benefits from breathtaking views from all corners of its spectacular 50 acres. Located on a prominent hilltop, the property benefits from the best views whilst also being exposed to a coastal climate.

Victorian homes dominated the 2023 awards, with Merricks being among six Victorian properties to claim one of the prestigious honors in this year’s awards. Judge and previous winner Melissa Bright observed that the results highlight that the nation’s best architects are attracted to work in Victoria to revolutionize and transform landscapes.

A previously neglected 1970s Brunswick house, Lumby and Jenkins have innovatively turned the home into a sustainable paradise. The architects’ clients describe how the new design has transformed their lives, “its connection to the landscape, its simplicity, and strength of design, its comfort and scale, make it a home that far exceeds our expectations.”

The unique architectural design harnesses a large coastal location’s opportunities in creating a refreshing place to escape to. The design oozes luxury and the panel of judges was captivated by the flawless intertwining of house and landscape, which infuses calm and equilibrium in the home.

The architects have magnificently explored the concept of the farmhouse as a place of elemental shelter. The exterior of the property is a singular and solid form, but internally, dramatic incisions are captured through features such as glimpses of the sky through the depths of the roof. Thus, bonding residents to both ground and sky.

Uniquely designed over a single level, the courtyard becomes an interesting focal point and a sanctuary from the expansive nature surrounding the property. The outdoor space contains birdbaths, a firepit, and several ponds, individually becoming reference points within the expansive landscape.

The property benefits from outstanding views that residents can appreciate in the living, sleeping, and bathing areas.  Vistas of close and distant sceneries encourage introspection, as well as enriching links with the place and each other – features that we now seek out in a post-pandemic realm.

Built from an array of materials such as concrete, charred timber, and oak joinery, Merricks is simultaneously robust and understated, sophisticated in its simplicity. The property is picturesque and it is easy to visualize residents enjoying the sunset over the bay from the outside terrace.

Composed with a uniqueness, Merricks Farmhouse is a cinematic building that thoughtfully responds to its special location on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and intertwines an uncomplicated luxury with architectural exquisiteness.