Aria Restaurant, Where Culinary Art Meets Harbour Excellence

Source: Aria

Nestled in the heart of Sydney’s iconic Circular Quay, Aria Restaurant stands as a testament to fine-dining elegance and culinary excellence. This culinary gem, co-owned and operated by renowned chefs Matt Moran and Peter Sullivan, has been enchanting diners since its opening in 1999. Over the years, it has solidified its reputation both locally and internationally, offering a dining experience that encapsulates the quintessential Sydney lifestyle. 

What sets Aria apart, aside from its exquisite cuisine, is its unrivalled location. Positioned between the Sydney Opera House and the majestic Harbour Bridge, Aria boasts panoramic views of these iconic landmarks. The moment you step through its doors, your gaze is drawn to the breathtaking vista beyond. However, it’s the harmonious blend of exquisite flavours and stunning vistas that truly make Aria an exceptional dining destination. 

Source: Aria

As you are seated, you will immediately notice the restaurant’s classic interior design. White tablecloths, plush chairs, and subtle lighting create an atmosphere of timeless sophistication. The tables are generously spaced, ensuring that every guest enjoys a luxurious dining experience. Yet, it’s those fortunate enough to be seated near the floor-to-ceiling windows who are treated to an unforgettable spectacle as they dine amidst the Sydney skyline. 

At Aria, the cuisine is an art form, masterfully crafted by Executive Chef Tom Gorringe. The mod-Oz menu, which undergoes regular changes, emphasises the use of quality ingredients prepared with a touch of simplicity. Expect dishes like Murray Cod with diamond clams and purple artichokes, or glazed duck with nectarines, chicory, and salsify. The desserts are equally divine, with options like the strawberry souffle with lavender and vanilla or mango with elderflower, white chocolate, and coconut. 

Source: Aria

While the culinary offerings at Aria are undoubtedly exceptional, it’s important to note that this is a special occasion dining experience for most. Aria’s commitment to excellence extends beyond its menu and stunning location. The restaurant holds two coveted Chef’s Hats, a prestigious recognition in the culinary world. Moreover, it received the ‘Diner’s Choice award from readers of the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide in 2012, a testament to its consistent quality. 

In 2016, Aria reopened its doors after a renovation, continuing to build on its already winning formula. The restaurant introduced a repertoire of unique and special events, attracting a diverse clientele, from local and interstate corporate business to international visitors and discerning gourmets. Whether you’re a star-studded celebrity or a local food enthusiast, Aria welcomes all with its warm and inviting atmosphere. 

Aria Restaurant remains a shining star in Sydney’s culinary scene, offering not simply a meal but a truly enchanting experience. With its breathtaking views, impeccable service, and a menu showcasing the best of Australian produce, it’s no wonder that Aria continues to be a top choice for those seeking an extraordinary dining experience in the heart of Sydney’s harbour.