Anthenea: First Floating Eco-Lux Hotel

Anthenea is the first floating eco-lux hotel suite that floats and moves around the water with 360 degree views and a submarine sight. The on-water suite is extremely eco-friendly committed, using solar panels for power, no under sea wastes and a return on investment twice as fast as a classic hotel.

Anthenea Exterior Pod Water
Source: Robb Report

Anthenea was designed with innovative technology and was made in France, where it is still located today. The eco-lux hotel boasts high-end comfort with the most advanced technological fittings. The unique hotel offers five living spaces, consisting of a living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and an upstairs solarium that offers incredible panoramic views.

The amazing boat home comprises of a plush sofa and minibar in the living room, a luxurious bedroom with a large circular bed, and a relaxing bathtub that can either be freshwater or saltwater.

The circular shape of the vessel allows for easy driving and more control, and the exterior has been developed to handle environments as bad as cyclones.

The hotel was designed by French naval architect Jean-Michel Duacancelle and the design has mimicked a feature from the 1977 James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me. Anthenea has taken roughly fifteen years to complete and can be yours for just $695,000.

Anthenea Interior Bedroom
Source: Robb Report

The interior of Anthenea boasts mostly round furniture to go with the architecture of the floating home. From a round bed to a round bathtub, Duacancelle has definitely stuck with the theme.

The solar panels are the main source of power for Anthenea, but the technology installed notifies guests of energy levels and when it is too low the generating set will take over as the main source. The eco-lux hotel has impressive insulation, allowing the vessel to cope with temperatures ranging from -30 to 40 degrees celsius.

Anthenea has an incredible submarine sight that allows guests to view the deep waters underneath the floating suite. Opposite to this, on the top level features a solarium and bar. The roof opens up and it can seat about twelve people. To access the sundeck solarium is through the main entrance of the lux hotel by a removable staircase.

Anthenea Bathroom Bathtub
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Everything inside Anthenea has been made from sustainable materials, ensuring that the whole vessel is eco-friendly and not harming the environment. “I am passionate about the idea that tomorrow’s habitat will absolutely have to be eco-friendly and be put at the heart of our natural environment”, Duacancelle said.

The on-water eco-lux suite includes a user domotics remote control, a door with a pneumatic system, an eco-responsible technology for wastewater and eco-lighting for indoors, outdoors and underwater. It also consists of a generator, air-conditioning, electric motors with batteries, double-glazed windows, a water maker and a central vacuum cleaner.

Anthenea can be viewed in the showroom off the coast of France or you can visit Cannes Film Festival to see a pop-up pod.



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