The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale Receives A Luxury Reboot

Earlier this year, Alfa Romeo officially announced the return of the iconic 33 Stradale. The Italian manufacturer debuted the original supercar in 1967, where it became the fastest commercially available car at the time. With its signature red colour and unique front fascia, the 33 Stradale is still one of the most recognisable designs produced by the brand. This latest release pays tribute to its predecessor, with large LED headlights and an illuminated insert inspired by the small triangular Alfa Romeo scudetto grille. Although it appears bigger, Alfa Romeo insists that the car’s proportions and ratios between the lengths and width of the vehicle are the same as the original car. 

The 2023 Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale will be released in the iconic red synonymous with the original model, but additional red and blue versions are also included in the initial release as well as a later red and white colour scheme inspired by the Tipo 33 race car. 

Alfa Romeo has also added several details to the vehicle’s exterior making it more aerodynamic, such as air intakes beside the headlights, door mirrors shaped to direct airflow, and bodywork made to create enough downforce to eliminate any lift. 

Source: Alfa Romeo

Inside the car, Alfa Romeo has reduced the number of visible controls to create a sleek and classic look. The steering wheel is devoid of buttons, instead opting for multiple aviation-inspired mechanical switches on the centre console and roof lining. While there is a necessary digital instrument display located behind the steering, a secondary retractable display screen for infotainment and drive mode functions as well as the seven-speaker sound system and air vents are disguised in the dashboard of the car. 

The 33 Stradale will also feature unique sports seats with six-way power adjustment and four lumbar positions. These will be tailored to fit one of the two available interior themes- the Tributo and the Alfa Corse. The former takes inspiration from its predecessor with a combination of aluminium and various two-tone leather finishes. While the Alfa Corse focuses more on carbon fibre and Alcantara, with an option of either red or blue trim. In addition, the vehicle identification numbers are engraved onto the central tunnel and rear of the car, these codes will be unique to each customer as they can choose the final eight digits.

By producing this modern reboot, Alfa Romeo can highlight the new and innovative motor technology it has developed over the last fifty years. For example, the manufacturer has adapted the suspension of the 33 Stradale to allow its driver to switch between Strada (road) and Pista (track) modes, affecting the vehicle’s exhaust sound, engine, gearbox response, and stability control. Working with their Formula One driver, Valterri Botas, Alfa Romeo wanted to create a unique experience that allowed the drivers of the 33 Stradale to see the potential of the car on a racetrack. 

Possibly the biggest transformation in this release is the electric engine that features in some variants of the 2023 model of the 33 Stradale, making them the first battery-powered vehicles produced by the brand. These cars use three electric motors to collectively produce over 552kW of energy which allows an estimated 450km of driving range. 

Source: Alfa Romeo

The petrol version is built with a 3.0-litre petrol engine coupled with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission which generates over 456kW sent to the rear wheels. In testing of the 33 Stradale, this variant could accelerate from 0-100km/h in less than 3 seconds, as well as hitting top speeds of 333km/h. In conjunction, the Brembo carbon-ceramic brake discs mean this vehicle is also capable of braking from 100-0km/h in 33 metres, according to test drives. 

The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale received an extremely limited launch, releasing only 33 models that have already sold out. The price of the model is not specified as each vehicle will be customised to the individual customer’s specification, however, price estimates for the 33 Stradale exceed $2.8 million. After ensuring that each customer’s requests are approved by engineers, Alfa Romeo expects to produce the first 33 Stradale before the end of the year.