A Tribute to the America’s Cup: Louis Vuitton’s Capsule Collection in Seafaring Style

Source: Hypebeast

As the maritime breeze carries whispers of excitement, Louis Vuitton sets sail on a voyage of luxury and athleticism with its latest capsule collection, unveiled ahead of the 37th America’s Cup in Barcelona. In celebration of sailing’s grandest event, the French luxury brand has crafted a nautical-inspired line that merges house emblems with vibrant hues and seafaring symbols.

Scheduled to hit stores and online platforms on July 18, this sporty collection for both men and women captures the essence of the sea with a range of ready-to-wear, bags, and accessories. At the helm of this maritime adventure is a new logo, a graphic V reminiscent of Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s original design from the 1920s, adorning everything from weekender bags to socks.

Source: Hypebeast

Divided into three themes, each reflect a different aspect of seafaring life and offers something for every occasion. “Riding the Waves” introduces technical pieces like windbreakers adorned with bold red, white, and blue Damier check patterns, embodying the spirit of adventure on the open sea. “A Day on the Deck” reimagines the iconic Damier and Monogram motifs in the vibrant colours and shapes of maritime signal flags, while “Elegant Summer Evening” offers sophistication with plain black or white jersey crepe column dresses for dressier occasions.

In addition to apparel, the collection boasts a plethora of accessories designed for practicality and style. New shapes like the Sailor sling bag and the Float wearable wallet offer convenience without compromising on elegance. City bags adorned with the America’s Cup insignia add a touch of exclusivity, while collectible items such as the Damier Flags-print Keepall 50 and nautical-themed accessories like ties, bandeaus, and baseball caps provide the perfect finishing touches.

Source: Hypebeast

Louis Vuitton’s longstanding relationship with the America’s Cup dates back to 1983, with the brand serving as a sponsor of the prestigious event. This year, as the title partner and organiser of the Louis Vuitton Cup, the brand’s commitment to excellence in sailing is stronger than ever. The races, likened to the Formula 1 of the sea, promise excitement and adrenaline as they unfold around Barcelona’s Port Vell and along the picturesque coastline.

The connection between Louis Vuitton and Barcelona runs deep, rooted in a shared history of elegance and innovation. From participating in the 1929 Barcelona International Exhibition to establishing its first Spanish store in 1987, the brand’s presence in the Catalan capital is as enduring as the craftsmanship that defines it. With two flagship locations and six leather goods workshops in the region, Louis Vuitton’s contribution to Barcelona’s cultural and economic landscape is unmistakable, embodying a legacy of excellence that continues to set sail towards new horizons.