2019 Swarovski Christmas Collection

Whether you are looking to treat yourself to a well-earned gift this Christmas, or dazzle someone special to you with a gift that speaks for itself, Swarovski’s new collection is where you should start looking. Of course, Swarovski is known for its intricately crafted ornaments, elevating your Christmas tree to new heights of luxury, nevertheless, their new Naughty With a Chance of Nice collection should be on the top of your Christmas list.

Emulating classic designs that can suit any outfit you choose, Swarovski has included tennis bracelets and necklaces in their collection, both black and white crystal. The white crystal jewellery is rhodium plated and the black crystal jewellery is ruthenium plated. Another unique element that incorporates the festive season in true Swarovski style is the feather motif, meant to represent angel wings. Pieces with black crystal are part of the naughty collection, while all-white crystal pieces belong to the nice collection. In both collections, the jewellery is ruthenium, rhodium or rose-gold tone plated, so there are modern options for a person more daring in their choices for accessories, or more simple designs for those who prefer a classic look. The tennis deluxe bracelets are 18 centimetres long and cost $249 each, the necklaces are 38 centimetres long and are $399.

Swarovski Pierced Earrings Black Rose Gold
Source: Swarovski

The most versatile piece in this collection are the rose-gold tone plated Naughty Pierced Earrings. Pictured on the left, the dangling chains with large black teardrop shaped crystals suspended, are removable, allowing for sophisticated feather studs to be worn on their own. Alternatively, you can style the earrings with one dangling chain for a modern, mismatch look or as they are with the dangling chains and dress up or down to make the overall look more as casual or formal as you like. These also would work fantastically for a busy person who has to quickly switch from a day to night look; they can wear the studs during the day and attach the chains for an effortless yet sultry night time outfit.

Swarovski Necklace White
Source: Swarovski

The earrings are 13 x 1.8 centimetres in size and cost a tempting $179 – an excellent gift sure to impress.

One other piece from this collection that is sure to make anyone feel special is the white crystal, rhodium plated Nice Necklace, which oozes elegance. The necklace as pictured on the right, is double layered with crystal pavé and a pair of crystal feathers on one side, taking an elegant and modern spin on the already popular feather trend with the glamorousness of the necklace’s classic style. The look overall is very clean, high fashion and definitely eye-catching, as the crystals from all angles shimmer as they catch the light. Even for those who are not particularly keen on asymmetric necklaces or jewellery, the well-proportioned size and placement of the feathers balance the piece quite nicely, making it both unique and very wearable. The necklace is 38 centimetres in length and costs a fair $499. You can be nice and generously gift this stunning accessory to someone special, however you wouldn’t fall in the naughty category for wanting to keep this one to yourself.