$2 Million RV – Commander 8×8

If you’re looking for a different type of holiday and have always been interested in luxury camping, then the new two-million-dollar RV – Commander 8×8 is the perfect vehicle for you. The SLRV Expedition Vehicle is available in both single or double story configurations, dependant on the number of people needed to accommodate. The entire vehicle can be designed to suit specific requirements, including colour, flooring, cabinetry, splash-back, bench-top, and upholstery.

Commander 8x8 RV Kitchen
Source: SLRV

The Commander 8×8 allows for a large spacious area for families and provides extreme luxurious finishes, making it feel as comfortable as a house or apartment. The interior includes the spacious living area which are fitted with premium materials, including cushioned headlining, leather lounge options, modern cabinetry and solid surface bench-tops. The kitchen has an extensive appliances range, with cooktops, an oven, a microwave, and a compressor fridge allowing for more bench space.

Commander 8x8 RV Bed
Source: SLRV

Each area has heaters and the vehicle also consists of incredible entertainment systems. To create more room, the designers have incorporated an electric lift up bed configuration over the living area, providing an extra double bed. The master bedroom consists of a comfortable fixed bed and luxurious TV on the wall, it also includes two side fans to keep the air circulating and a window above the head of the passengers.

With the double story configuration, this provides six extra beds on the second level all in the one room – perfect for kids and extended family. Upstairs includes six single beds all with their own window, a reading lamp and a storage compartment for clothes and appliances. Various bathroom designs are available, as well as configurations and buyers can choose the vanity, shower and toilet design.

Commander 8x8 RV
Source: SLRV

Not only is the interior amazing, the technicals of the Commander is also incredible. Water is one of the most vital commodities when travelling long distances, thus why this vehicle comprises of multiple tanks to store water. Each tank can be specific for its use and owners can change which tank they use at the flip of a switch. The vehicle designers have made a dedicated drinking water system, that includes its own filler, tank, pump and filtration system, to ensure the quality of drinking water remains pristine. Depending on which configuration is chosen, the Commander 8×8 can hold between 500 and 1000 litres of water.

The Commander 8×8 consists of solar power, essential for the charging sources. The roof of the vehicle facilitates a huge 48 volt system and multiple solar controllers.

The vehicle has numerous opulent amenities that buyers can choose from, so if camping in style is something for you, be sure to check out the Commander 8×8 and have a spare $2 million in pocket.

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